Intaglio Printing – Love for adventure

Homesickness and Wanderlust – creative adaptation of an aspiration

The topic of my diploma thesis is homesickness and wanderlust. Those two cravings, the feelings which lie underneath and which I personally associate with being
homesick or being sick to wander in far away countries, I tried to express in drawings about clouds and their various formations. I categorized homesickness
into six cloud formations like Sadness, Loneliness and Fearfulness. Wanderlust was expressed as six feelings like freedom, joy, adventuresomeness and curiosity.
After that I transfered those drawings onto copperplates in order to create intaglio prints.

For the written part, there is a book, called the Cloud Atlas, in which the whole creative process is described in detail, about the history of clouds, the science
of clouds, the artistic dispute of famous artists and writers throughout history, who delved in the theme of clouds and also the process of creating the prints. // 2005